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We have some great rooms and we would love you to come and use our space. You can find out when they are free in our diary.

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The Latest

Introducing Yassin Askar

Hello, my name is Yassin Askar and I recently joined FutureGov/ Shift as a Service Designer. I come from a bit of a mixed background, as I am a trained Cabinetmaker, worked as a social worker and also hold a degree in product design. As a social worker I was lucky enough to be a [...]

How It Works


Define the challenge. Discover the user needs and solutions

Design + Develop

Design, prototype and visualise. Develop ideas, build, test and learn


Decide whether to proceed and then allocate resources


Implement, scale, deliver and share the outcomes


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We have some great rooms and you are very welcome to come and use the space.

We designed the rooms to be a little bit different, to help people to think creatively and to find innovative solutions.  This is why the rooms are kitted out with white board walls and we have the ability to move everything around.

The rooms were not designed as traditional meeting rooms, so if you want a sit down traditional style meeting these are not the rooms for you!  Room booking priority will be given to workshops/events/meetings where the rooms will be used in a way to aid creative thinking, innovation and service redesign.

Below is their availability if you would like to book a space please contact Clerise (clerise@shiftsurrey.org) or hello@shiftsurrey.org

Front Room

The Front Room (previously room 206) has one white board wall, it seats about 15 comfortably, 30 standing, and is a flexible space (you can move all the tables and chairs around!) However, we have a shortage of furniture so if you want to have tables and chairs you may need to order these from facilities.

Big Room (with door)

The Big Room (previously room 205) has four white board walls – you can write on nearly all the wall space but not quite all of it so be careful and watch out for the ‘Not Write-able’ signs!  It sits about 20 and you can fit 30 people standing. We have some moveable tables and chairs in the space.  However, we have a shortage of furniture so if you want to have tables and chairs you may need to order these from facilities.

Narrow Room

The Narrow Room (previously room 207) has one white board wall. It is a smaller room, great for short stand up meetings. It can seat about 6 people, standing about 15.